Monday, June 30


Sanctoral Roommates

Fr. Schofield over at Roman Miscellany has a fun little post on a two-tier shrine at San Zaccaria in Venice which is occupied, somewhat randomly, by the bodies of St. Athanasius and St. Zechariah, John the Baptist's dad. There appears to be no good reason for these two to be together, unless it was some sort of space-saving measure by the Venetians, denizens of what one somewhat paranoid monk on Mt. Athos once sourly (but, in all fairness, rather accurately*) referred to as the "world capital of body-snatching."** Either that, or there's a reliquary Craigslist we don't know about.

*On the other hand, how is it our fault that everyone holy wants to be buried in Venice? The traffic is so much better than Cairo.

**Cf. William Dalrymple's hilarious and poignant From the Holy Mountain.

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