Friday, June 6


My Guess Is Pio Nono Isn't on Her List

It's dangerous to overanalyze what movie-stars, present or has-been, say about any topic, from artificial hair coloring to child-rearing techniques, much less religion, but a quote from famous thespian Susan Sarandon (whose filmography lists roles in such silver-screen treasures as the TV production of Children of Dune, the tautological Rugrats in Paris: The Movie - Rugrats II, and an Italian movie named after an extruded meat product) recently jumped out at me: “This particular Pope is not one of my favourites,” she is quoted as saying. This means she must have some favorite popes, logically speaking, which opens up all sorts of fascinating avenues.* Miss Sarandon continues: "I am pretty suspicious of him and my only message to him is that he should become more compassionate and more involved in what the world needs now instead of his archaic kind of outdated, misogynist infrastructure the Church has going now." Considering what a lovable little fuzzball Benedict is (really), one wonders what sort of rainbow-vestment-wearing weirdo would pass the Sarandon Compassion Test. I sense this may be one of those lose-lose situations.

Benedict: God is Love!

Susan Sarandon: (points finger, pulls out amulet with Alec Baldwin's face on it and waves it at the Sovereign Pontiff) Dogmatic! Dogmatic!

Meanwhile, Susan (star of movies like Stepmom) says she'll move to Italy if John McCain is elected. It's not the Shrine's policy to get into politics (with the exception of really pressing matters, like the infamous Reichsdeputationshauptschluß of 1803) but we would like to point out to Miss Sarandon that Italy is where the Pope lives.

*Telesphorus? Conon? Or dare I suggest...Pope Lando?

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