Thursday, June 5


A Bleg Regarding Liturgical Pest Control

A dear priest-friend of mine from abroad is visiting me this summer and I hope to finally have my apartment blessed while he's in town. Also, given the rodentine antics detailed in a previous post, I would like to have him read the Deprectatory Blessing Against Pests as part of the rite*. Here's the tricky bit: it's in the 1964 Roman Ritual, which I possess, but given the slightly neither fish-nor-fowl quality of the '64 and '65 productions, and, more importantly, the fact they're not really covered, technically, by Summorum Pontificum, I'd rather use whatever equivalent Tridentine ritual can be found in the appropriate liturgical books, seeing as once again it is now an official formula. The good folks at indicate, somewhat unhelpfully, that the '64 was essentially identical to the 1962, but don't indicate the differences that require the qualifier "essentially." Plus, it might be cool to do it in Latin. So if anyone can point me to a source I could get my hands on, or the text of the '62 blessing itself, I would be much obliged.

*Text here: scroll down. It's a lot of fun, and presumably very useful if you dislike the idea of snap traps.

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