Wednesday, June 25


Alexander Stoddart: Contemporary Sculpture in the Classical Tradition

The Scottish sculptor Alexander Stoddart refers to himself as a heroic realist, but his work--which spans both private commissions and some ecclesial work--definitely places itself squarely within the larger tradition of Western art. He has had a long history of working in collaboration with architects to create a fusion of architecture and sculpture seldom seen today. He is one of the handful of truly serious traditional artists working in the medium at present, and thus worthy of our time, study and consideration. His work stands in public squares in Edinburgh, on the campus in Princeton, in Buckingham Palace, and many other sites of civic and world importance.

Some samples from his portfolio:

St. Rita; a bronze for a marvelously inventive private chapel done by British architect Craig Hamilton.

A pair of winged figures designed as part of the architecture of John Simpson's new Queen's Gallery in Buckingham Palace.

Processional Cross maquette.

St. Nicholas of Tolentino.

A bust of Scottish composer James MacMillan. The prongs on either side of the bust represent the ancient lyre.

More here.

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