Wednesday, May 28


Yes, But They Wore Considerably More Silk Brocade

I was sent this quite remarkably horrible modern painting of the Last Supper by a friend, equally horrified, who noted specifically it wasn't a parody. Who knew the Apostles looked like the cast of WKRP in Cincinnati after a bad night and Our Lord like an East German television weatherman? The fact there's a randomly-placed heart in a dish on the right side of the table doesn't help matters much.

Certainly while the medievals often showed their saints in contemporary dress (and sometimes quite charmingly modish dress for the period when the iconographic personality of the subject demanded it), the apostles never got that treatment; and anyway, let's not forget we're far worse dressers than the medievals. What is it Charles Ryder said about the vulgar ice swan in Brideshead Revisited? "It would have been of a rather different shape."

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