Thursday, May 8


Speaking of Beautiful Churches

In the previous post, I mentioned HDB/Cram & Ferguson.

Check out one of their most recent projects, St. John Neumann Catholic Church. It's a Romanesque church, seating 900, which includes a day chapel and adoration chapel. It will be finished in July, 2008.

This is the only reason I might ever want to move to Farragut, Tenn. But it is a very good reason.

A shot of the interior design. Note the choir loft and dome!

An interior shot of construction, as of March, 2008.

The apse, with stone detail, red roofing tiles, and dome.

An exterior shot of the nave.

The center entrance portal, with carved Christ, as a veneer of stone is placed on the west facade. Such a veneer is a sin against the "architectural honesty" of the 50's and 60's, but I think we've all decided that an architectural white lie is better than telling the cold hard steely truth.

An exterior shot of the church.

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