Friday, May 30


Speaking of the 6 Train

They were filming a remake of The Taking of Pelham 123 on the corner outside my parish church the other Sunday, which apparently is a movie about the hijacking of what would eventually become the New York subway Lex line, and will star a couple of unknown actors called something like Denzel Washington and John Travolta. (Never heard of them). Added to the vaguely surreal quality of all this was the fact a concession-stand for the cast and crew had been set up just within sniffing-distance of the open doors of the narthex and as I headed in to the church, starving for a brunch still far off, I got a heavy whiff of calamari. I guess it's good to be Travolta.

It was probably a good thing, though, that we had already opted for a simple indoor Corpus Christi procession rather than popping outside and threading our way through the trailers on 39th street, otherwise we might have inadvertently introduced a whole new surprise ending, in which a monstrance-wielding Fr. R-- bursts into the subway car and breaks up the hostage situation declaring, "I have come to proclaim freedom to captives!" Hey, I'd watch it. I'll have a word with the top brass at EWTN.

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