Thursday, May 8


New Gothalic Church!

"O Lord, I Have Loved The Beauty of Thy House" (Psalms 25:8)

Bishop William Higi, of the Diocese of Lafayette (Indiana), has proposed that a new parish--church, parish life center, youth building, grade school, high school, rectory and convent (!)--be built, entirely in a Gothic style.

The construction of the whole campus will take place over the next two decades across 109 acres.

The building project is for a recently-founded parish, dedicated to St. John Vianney.

The founding priest, Father Dudzinski, said, “It will take one to three years to raise the money and build the parish life center; the church goal is five to seven years."

Readers of the Shrine can anticipate Matthew's concern--"It's very good that they want to design a Gothic church," he might say, "but I hope they choose an experienced and trained classical architect!"

The local architects are K.R. Montgomery and Associates, Inc. I've never heard of them, but one of them explained to The Catholic Moment that, "Catholic identity and presence will be strong as you enter the campus... Plans include walkways with Stations of the Cross that will terminate into a grotto. We want to create an opportunity to have moments of reflection, spiritual thought and prayer." They also anticipate cloistered walkways. Promising.

But it gets better, because the church building itself is being designed by the ever-impressive HDB/Cram and Ferguson, the heirs of that greatest of Gothic revival architects (and who, incidentally, link to the Shrine). The church is supposed to include a circle of devotional chapels and an adoration chapel, as are visible in the above sketches, and a balcony.

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