Wednesday, May 21


From a Characteristic Catholic Nerd IM Conversation

Me: Which one was she? did she have a holy well?
Medievalist Friend: Of course!
Medievalist Friend: English saints who were beheaded always have wells.


Medievalist Friend: yeah, the interesting thing is that in some versions of Winefride's legends she puts her head back on and lives out the rest of her life
Me: Wha?
Me: Really?
Me: When does she die?
Medievalist Friend: Her relics got moved to Shrewsbury Abbey in the 12th century.
Me: How long does she live?
Me: She's like The Terminator or something.
Medievalist Friend: Lemme see here.
Medievalist Friend: It doesn't say how she died the second time.
Medievalist Friend: Oh man, that was weird to type.

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