Wednesday, May 28


Definitive Proof that the Catholic Nerd Quotient at Notre Dame is Only Increasing*

Two semesters of anxiety, heartbreak, discernment, Opus Dei, more heartbreak, love triangles (or quadrangles, or possibly pentagons, if you include the Dominican order), wrongful arrest by the campus police for sleeping in a sacristy--I know back in my day** had we been in the same situation, we would just have tried hard to forget it, possibly using alcohol (or in my case, theraputic bookstore sprees). But this new generation, what do they do? They write a parody musical. And I don't just mean a few songs. I mean 45 minutes of musical drama, and they haven't even finished it yet. Catholic America, this is your future.

Scary, eh?

* This is a good thing. Well, probably.

**Okay, it was barely two years ago. But if a 33-year-old Sherlock Holmes can call Irene Adler "this young person," all bets are off.

UPDATE: Shrine friend The Sober Sophomore (er, Graduate) promises a preview of said musical in the near future!

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