Tuesday, April 8


Disturbing Relics Week: The Patron Saint of Eye-Rolling

I promise these'll be a little less wild, after all those German skeletons, okay?

Via Flickr, some images of a recumbent effigy of a St. Fausta, though I'm not sure which one. I'm also not sure if she's supposed to be rapt in prayer, alarmed, or really, really bored. (Eye-roll, "What-ever!") No doubt your standard-issue virtuous young Christian girl who got rubbed out by an irritated pagan suitor. After a while the template starts to get suspicious (you could populate an entire Law and Order season with the likes of Euphemia, Cecilia, Dorothy and the rest), but one of our learned readers notes that the pagan world's habit of leaving young girl babies to starve would have meant a large number of angry, lonely pagan guys and a surplus of well-behaved, beautiful, pious, intelligent Christian women who aren't eager to be treated as doormats by the local preppie Aurelius. Do the math.

The relics here aren't actually that disturbing, even if the effigy is a little weird (not so much gross as just sort of sweetly amusing); they're enclosed in the large circular frame on the back wall of the sarcophagus.

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