Friday, April 11


Disturbing Relics Week Continues: Fun With Recumbent Effigies

The following, save the last, via Flickr:

St. Peregrine, with relics embedded under glass. A handsome statue, located (I believe) at a friary in Maryland, though the overall effect is a little too close to comfort to the board-game Operation.

A somewhat-anemic image of St. Tarcisius from the Catacombs of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Newark, New Jersey. Catacombs in New Jersey, believe it.

A wax effigy of St. Januarius (the one with the blood, you know), from the same place.

An image of St. Agnes, who also turns out, in addition to having had a very small head, to be a Jersey girl as well.

Two images of an effigy of St. Silvan, an early martyr venerated in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

An effigy of St. Thomas (yes, that St. Thomas), from the chapel at the site of his martyrdom in south India. Naptime for the Apostle.

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