Thursday, March 27


The One Exception to the Mariachis-in-Church-Rule - St. Oliver Plunkett's Head - and an Advance Screening of I Was a Teenage Virgin-Martyr

Santiago Matamoros as (dun dun duuunnn) You've Never Seen Him Before. Seriously, though, this shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Some images of the famous Moor-Killer show him with a panama hat, or fighting heathen Aztecs (who, let me remind you, used to do non-elective open-heart surgery atop pyramids before they got religion and started writing Renaissance polyphony), so a sombrero and a Mexican vaquero getup isn't too much of a stretch, and is more than a little charming.

Also, pursuant to yesterday's discussion: They Saved Oliver Plunkett's Head! And some particularly histrionic images of a recumbent effigy of St. Victoria, Virgin and Martyr (saints named Victoria seems to be particularly popular among devotees of narcoleptic wax saints) from Kilkenny Cathedral, which provides her with the rather bizarre vita that she a was 14-year-old "butchered by King Constantine [?!] on her way to Holy Communion" (on the orders of her spurned pagan suitor--there's always one of those) in Rome circa AD 250. What we do know was her relics were sent to the Emerald Isle in 1845 by Pope Pius IX, and surely someone up there must be answering all those prayers. Okay, all right, this one's just creepy.

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