Monday, March 24


Maryland, Your Maryland; Also, a word on St. Lazarus and Toilet Paper Mummies (Not a Band)

(Edward Herrman voice on) On This Day in 1634, the World Catholic Conspiracy Reached What is Now the United States (/Herrman off). I.e., Lord Baltimore founded the colony of Maryland. Patriotic gore, despot's heel on the shore, peerless chivalry reveal, girding beauteous limbs with steel, etc. A shout out to all our readers from the Old Line State, especially Shrine friend and current reigning churchlady at Notre Dame, the Sober Sophomore!

Incidentally, The Sober Sophomore also reports this conversation with her Byzantine Catholic roommate, relevant considering all the hoopla over the misplaced St. Patrick's day:

Roommie: Did the diocese move St Patrick's Day to today?

Mary Liz: No, it was moved to yesterday.

Roommie: Well did you hear those girls running up and down the hall this morning knocking on each other's doors and shouting Happy St. Patrick's Day?

Mary Liz: No. I must have really been tired.

Roommie: Yeah, they were green head to toe and all Irish and stuff.

Mary Liz: huh

Roomie: But today on our calendar [Byzantine] it's the feast of St Lazarus. I kind of want to wrap myself in toilet paper and run up and down the hall knocking on doors and shouting "HAPPY SAINT LAZARUS DAY!"
If anyone wants to adapt this custom to the Western Kalendar, I believe July 29th is his feast day. And I'd seriously pay for any photos.

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