Sunday, February 17


Vote for Us!

Inspired by the pleas on other blogs, I thought we'd put our own request for votes out there, too:

Nominate us for the 2008 Catholic Blog Awards!

We need as many people as possible to NOMINATE us, because a high number of nominations are needed to make it to the voting round.

We blog all year - you just need to vote for us twice a year : )

Alas, there is a change over past years:

"In past years we were able to vote more than once, will we still be able to do that?"

No, even though the voting system will allow you to cast more than one vote, it only records your latest vote as the valid one. In other words, if you fill out the form again, it writes over your old vote.

Yes, you do need to register to vote... but it's pretty quick & straightforward. OK, you have to do a simple addition problem, but it's not bad. Please vote!

You can vote for us in more than one category.

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