Friday, February 29


Happy St. Flutius Day!

The feast of the semi-legendary patron saint of this weblog only comes once every four years, so get ready to par, and may I add, tay. First up, we feature this photo from this year's relatively low-key parade in London, hosted by the city's Bolognese ex-pat community (all five of them) and featuring the Traditional Giant Inflatable Foot. Nonetheless, the ceremonies will be given an extra dose of solemnity now that the full Extraordinary Form Blessing of the Ankles can be performed complete with incense, anointings and holy-water for the first time since 1969. We'll be bringing you updates from the extravagant, even dangeously wild, festivities in Bologna, Boston, New York, and Dr. Scholl's Corporate Headquarters in East Buffalo, New York all today. Send in your own pictures, if you've got them!

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