Thursday, February 14


A Blessed SS. Cyril and Methodius Day to Y'all!

Though, could someone pray explain to me what the little fat, flying babies are in aid of? I get the hearts with the gooey centers--they make perfect sense. Surely they commemorate the sweet big-heartedness of the Bulgarian people amid their long dark (chocolate) night of oppression? And all the red everywhere makes perfect sense, but what about the white and blue to complete the traditional pan-Slav colors? Where are they? And why all this romance? Am I supposed to just walk up to some random (pretty) Czech girl on the street and ask her to dinner? I don't even know if the Russian Tea Room is even open anymore. And what about the Poles and the Slovenes, who don't use Cyrillic? Do I have to get them chalky candy hearts as well?

Dyngus Day is so much simpler.

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