Saturday, January 26


Weirdness in the East Village

A visiting Whapster Dan and I checked out the wondtrous treasure-trove of the strange that is the East Village today, a luminous, cool, pale winter day. Among the highlights: the Ukrainian Museum, a place called Mr. Dumpling, a place called Plump Dumpling, a hundred-year-old Italian restaurant, venison ragu, cheese grits, a lurid antique shop called Obscura with a freaky wax woman's head in the window and a stuffed skunk and a monstrance inside, the former German Methodist Episcopal Church, and much, much more. A few (rather blurry) photos:

Personally, I wonder if a combination bar and tattoo parlor would yield a higher number of sales.

The Infamous Simon Templar, Landlord. Not the halo.

Dan and I couldn't figure out what the deal was with this emblem bolted to a building down near Wall Street; while having little Latin and less Greek, I believe it had an inscription running something like "To virtue through suffering," and there was an IHS as well. It appears the building might be some sort of religious house.

And now, the piece of resistance.

(If your name is P.D.Q., you'll get it.)

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