Sunday, January 20


An Original Angle

Overheard at the former Labyrinth Bookstore (now called something else). I was seated behind a couple of shelves, reading about Lemuria. (Short version: They still haven't found it.)
Smug Young Female Grad Student: You know that Tom Hanks movie, you know, the one with that no-talent French girl...
Incrementally Less Smug Young Male Grad Student: Uhn, yeah, I know what you mean...
Smug Young Female Grad Student: Something to do with Da Vinci. The Da Vinci Code.
Incrementally Less Smug Young Male Grad Student: Oh, yeah, of course.
Smug Young Female Grad Student: It was so hyped, and it was so ridiculous. I refused to see it. I refused to even read the book. I mean, I've had enough Catholic garbage to last a lifetime.
Several points:

1. Da Vinci literally means, "from Vinci."

2. Clearly, Dan Brown has gone the way of Zontar the Thing From Venus and Puma Man, if we're having trouble remembering the name of the book and movie.

3. Only in Manhattan would anyone object that The Da Vinci Code had too much Catholic content.

4. Speaking as a proud purveyor of Catholic garbage, unless she grew up in the St. Cornelius Jansen Home For Wayward Hussies and Trollops, getting whacked hourly by those scary nuns with rulers, I severely doubt that the usual pre-pubescent brush with "If you were a monotreme, what sort of monotreme would you be"-style catechesis we all suffered through*, would have left her with a lifetime's worth of religious issues to sort through.

5. Memo to lazy cultural Catholics out there: claiming you were traumatized by the sisters is no longer washing as an excuse, unless you have a problem with left-wingers in polyester.

6. In that vein, could Alex P. Keaton be the unintended consequences of the warm-fuzzy curriculm at St. Astrodome's Parochial School?

7. And, is the Catholic Garbage Disposal the same thing as a sacrarium?

*Either that, or they showed you the movie about that grandmother and her egg-bread recipe. I'm still scratching my head over that.

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