Tuesday, January 15


"Gee, I have all this money and no way to promote liturgical renewal! Woe is me!"

Au contraire!!

The Shrine has been made aware of a liturgical request from a Midwestern diocese looking for the following items. Due to financial constraints, they can't responsibly purchase these items on their own anytime soon, yet will be needing them in the near future.

(1) A 2002 Roman Missal, in Latin (perhaps this or the much nicer this, though a used one in presentable condition would also be very welcomed.)

(2) Six (though, they would prefer seven!) nice, rather ornate altar candlesticks, with, if possible, matching crucifix. (Candlesticks can run $100 to $800 a piece when new, but can also be bought individually; again, a presentable used set would also be very welcome.)

We are assured that all items will be put to good use, including possible future use even in pontifical liturgies.

It would be the most concrete way you can help advance Benedict's liturgical renewal that I can think of! (...of which I can think?)

Our contact information is in the side-bar; email any of us, and we'll put you in touch with the liturgy office itself.

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