Friday, January 18


Fort Wayne Mystery Photo Saga Continues

I was checking our referrals the other afternoon on Haloscan (yes, your Reverence, I will say Cardinal Merry del Val's Litany of Humility as a pennance, but in my defense it was more boredom than pride) and it came out that someone over at the Ship of Fools Forum had posted a link to our Fort Wayne Cathedral mystery photo--except it had popped up on something called the A Dress a Day Blog, how, I'm not entirely sure. The discussion on Ship of Fools* seems to have revolved around the questionable sex** of the participants and descended into snarkiness, but the A Dress a Day blog post that it links to generated a whopping 112 responses which I have yet to sift through.

For those of you arriving late, or from Rio Linda, (Edward Herrmann voice on) Previously On The Shrine, the Whapsters were sent a photo from the Fort Wayne Cathedral archives of a young girl holding some sort of reliquary box, surrounded by small children of indeterminate sex wearing page costumes, and nobody has a clue what the heck it represents. (/Herrmann off.)

*Please ignore the stupid logo in the top corner of the Ship of Fools web forum page. I have no idea who thought that was funny.

** Even though it may offend the prudish, I refuse to use the silly word "gender" to refer to people, since it's supposed to be a changeable construct or something, and that makes me nervous as the usual way to change that particular construct involves very sharp knives and Origen. Words have gender. People have sex. (Don't laugh.) Now, go and cover your piano legs if you have a problem.

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