Saturday, December 8


Tonight on HWTN

8 PM. Saturday First Vespers Movie of the Week: The Pio-Benedictine Code. Procrastinating seminarian Tom Hanks rushes against time to finish reading for his Canon Law final, only to discover a nefarious cover-up hidden secretly in the footnotes of his textbook. Will Silas be able to reach him before he blabs the frightening truth that the progress-hating Gregory XVI was actually secretly married to Elizabeth Cady Stanton?

10 PM. Late Night Operetta: Sigmund Romberg's The Burgher King. Twenty years after The Student Prince, Karl Franz, now ruler of Karlsburg, has become thoroughly settled and bourgeois and all appears well until his two sons, Franz and Karl, discover him wandering the streets in a frightening plastic mask and paper birthday crown, peddling disgusting American fast food.

12 Midnight. Infomercial. Ultimate Ginsu Knives with Irene Adler and the Count von Kramm.

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