Sunday, December 30


A Query from Our Gentle Readers: Cane Ettiquette

One of our alert readers writes to us regarding proper cane ettiquette, wholly appropriate given we consider ourselves to be the guardians of all that is good and fun in civilized secular society (or what little remains of it), as well as within the Church.

I don't own a cane myself (though I do have a stout walking-stick covered in stockneglen I occasionally use when taking vigorous walks when down in Florida), as I don't really have the clothes for it. Not because there's anything wrong about all things retro but because it requires too much energy on my part. (On the one hand, my wardrobe of khakis and polo shirts means I can get dressed in the dark. On the other hand, I keep getting mistaken for an off-duty seminarian.)

Our reader writes:
I had no idea who else to address this to, but thought, given your aesthetic sensibilities, you or your blog-readers might be able to help me.

I've recently purchased a formal cane, to "wear" on very formal occasions, especially when I attend the opera. Now, I'm a perfectly healthy young-adult male, with no walking problems whatsoever. I just thought it would be "cool" to have my own cane for formal occasions.

Trouble is: I really do not know what the etiquette is for walking, gesturing, or sitting with a cane when the cane is not just for medical purposes. How tall should a "decorative" costume cane be? Is it proper to hold it off the ground when one is not walking with it, to gesture with it, etc?

Yes, I realise this fashion statement of mine is far from mainstream (at least here in America), but maybe you or your British readers might be able to give me a hint or two?
Anyone, anyone at all? Maybe we can start a trend.

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