Tuesday, December 18


Nepalese Airline Sacrifices Goat to Appease Sky God

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You know, I can kind of respect that. Of course, it's pagan, and I'm not entirely sure I'd like to be invited to the celebratory barbecue afterwards (1 Corinthians 10:28, plus I'm not a big goat meat fan), but still, I imagine if I were from Nepal*, it'd be what I'd do in a similar situation. (It's the Hindu equivalent of POD.) It's It makes me wish, though, for headlines like "Failing Polish Airline Offers Novena to St. Joseph of Cupertino" or "Air Malta** Makes Our Lady of the Airways Honorary Pilot." I'm sure she'd like the hat.

*A place in dire enough straights since their Royal family turned into a soap opera, and a Univision soap opera at that, with some garnishings of the French Revolution laid on for seasoning.

**Official Motto: "Making Poland look lukewarm since 1530." Heck, they make the Vatican look lukewarm on good days.

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