Thursday, December 6


French Readers?

I'm wondering if anyone can help me here:

La chapelle du Bon Pasteur, dans la rue Daire à Amiens, était la propriété du Conseil régional, qui a décidé d’en changer l’affectation pour pouvoir la transformer en crèche.

From this story of how a group of effectively-schismatic Christians were kicked out of a state-owned church building.

So, a year ago, the regional government turned the church a "creche." What does this mean? A Christmas nativity scene? But then, why is it necessary for them to use it all year long? Or can "creche" mean something like a day-care? Can that be true? I know the French government owns all the historic churches in France, but I assumed that they had agreed to let the Catholics use those churches. Can they really assign church buildings to secular uses like that?

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