Thursday, December 6


Does the Horn Play "Ave Maria"?

New Popemobile

Pope Benedict XVI now has a new set of wheels for his weekly public address on St. Peter's Square - a shiny Vaticanmystic white open-top G-Class.


Mercedes-Benz regularly provides the Vatican with vehicles converted for the use of the Pope since Pius XI first received a Nurburg 460 Pullman limousine as his official car in 1930.

I think it would be really cool if only clerics ordained to the minor order of "porter" were allowed to drive the pope's car. How awesome would that be?

IMHO, Mercedes-Benz should role out a "V-Class" line of autos to the public, which come in Vatican colors and have the Pope's crest imprinted in the leather seats. Standard. The upgraded version comes with Diocesan Position Service, which lists the locations of the nearest Masses, and the roof of the car is lined in watered silk

Somehow, I'm reminded of our plans for the Vatican's airport, complete with deacons chanting "Ite, Missa Est" at the ends of the moving walkways.

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