Wednesday, December 19


And Do The Papal Paratroops Yell "Hieronymus!" When They Jump Out of Planes?

Alert reader and Jeopardy star Rob mentions that some days back, the Final Jeopardy Question (or Answer, whatever) on, of course, Jeopardy was the following:
19th Century Names

A: He got his name because Mexican victims of his attacks would cry out in terror to St. Jerome.

Q: Who is Geronimo?
Our alert reader adds:
Now, there is a discussion on the Jeopardy Forum as to whether or not you would pick St. Jerome if you were beset by a group of angry Apaches. I say there are a whole host of intercessors I would rather call upon.

I also said I knew just the right group of POD Catholics to survey for this question.
Thoughts? And more importantly, anyone out there know whether this is true? Geronimo's given (if not technically Christian) name was Goyaałé, which, despite looking faintly Polish, means "One Who Yawns" in Chiricahua, and thus looks suspiciously easily for Hispanicization to Geronimo.

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