Wednesday, November 7


Ciborium by Sir Ninian Comper, London Colney, England.

Some Comper classicism for your aedification. The convent for which this was constructed is now the property of the Archdiocese of Westminster. Note the heroic Resurrected Christ on top. Consider this the glorified body flip side to the Sedlec ossuary. Hodie mihi, cras tibi apparently cuts both ways.*

*Digression alert. Incidentally, growing up I was a bit fuzzy about the fact we get our bodies back, new and improved, at the General Resurrection, and we get to walk through walls and the like. (On the other hand, the damned get them back too, and I imagine it probably hurts like...well, fill in the blank.) Once it was explained to me, it came as a pretty big relief, actually. Until then I'd assumed the whole "we look for the resurrection of the dead" thing was in reference, in addition to the undeniable fact of Our Lord's resurrection, to a vague Mulder-and-Scully sort of search for miraculous weirdness.

From Flickr.

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