Tuesday, October 23


You Want it, You Got It

Some of our Alert Readers were wondering about the size of the congregation at the Extraordinary Form mass at Notre Dame last Sunday; our two photographers Sean and The Sober Sophomore were so tasteful and in-tune with the piety of the congregation they thought it would be crass to turn around and photograph them; however, lucky for us, someone discretely snapped a shot from the back of the church which gives you a good sense of the great turnout for the event--especially for a university campus at 8 AM. While we don't know who snapped the shot, it was provided to us by the ever-awesome fellows at Campus Ministry, who has been tremendously welcoming throughout the whole process of getting the Tridentine Mass back at Our Lady's University. So there's our proof.

Postscript. Does calling the Extraordinary Form the XF sound too much like it's an extreme-sports competition? And if so, is this really a bad thing?

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