Monday, October 29


St. Aloysius, Olivia, MN

Here in the Twin Cities, we have a fair amount of state pride, and there at least a couple of local programs on Sunday nights that consist exclusively of segments on different things to see around the state. This weekend, one such show featured a church in the small town of Olivia, Minnesota, which recently underwent a $1,000,000 renovation (the architects reading this can give their own opinions, but it looks like they got an awful lot of bang for their buck!) The result is truly breathtaking, especially when you consider that this is a parish in a small (pop. 2570), rural town. It makes me wonder how many similar artistic treasures I've driven right past in my many Midwest roadtrips.
Also, I'm generally skeptical of the species, but if every parish had a liturgist like this one (i.e., octogenarian and habited), I daresay the world would be a better place.

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