Monday, October 8


Salvador Dalí, Marquis of Pubol, was a seriously disturbed individual, but his remarkable 1958-1959 Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus has always been a favorite of mine. (Though we all know the New World was discovered by St. Brendan, or possibly the Welsh or that Chinese guy with the really high voice.)

Incidentally, Christopher Columbus is ranked as a servant of God, as his cause for sainthood was opened about a hundred years ago, I think, though I get the impression it's not likely to go much further, for better or worse. (I'm not making this up.) I believe the debate stalled over whether the Admiral of the Ocean Sea, a secular Franciscan, was motivated by the desire to convert the Indies to the True Faith, or to discover Ray Charles records.

Queen: Well, what's in America, Chris? What are you going to find there?
Columbus: Ray Charles.
Queen: Ray Charles is in America?
Columbus: D--mn right, woman. Where do you think all those records come from?
Queen: (excited) Chris gonna find Ray Charles, Chris gonna find Ray Charles ...

Thus Flip Wilson.

That being said, it looks like the canonization cause of his patron, Isabel the Catholic, is still alive and kicking (it was opened only in 1974!), complete with its own magazine and website.

Queen Isabel has always been one of my favorite uppity medieval women (along with her daughter Katherine of Aragon and the Countess Matilda of Tuscany--why isn't she canonized, hey?), and ranks up there with Joan of Arc in terms of Catholic warrior women. So send a few prayers her way and see what happens. It might make a future saint. It can't hurt, but then, I sometimes ask for the intercession of Athanasius Kircher, so what do I know?

That being said, in regard to the Isabel Society's rhetorical question/catchphrase of whether the Catholic Queen was the "greatest woman since the Mother of God"--they mean in terms of historical impact, not holiness, FYI--I suggest she and St. Catherine of Siena have an armwrestling contest. And no fair using that big sword, Izzie!

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