Wednesday, October 24


New from the Catholic Information Service

I'd like to direct your attention to the new line of booklets recently put out by the Knights of Columbus through the Catholic Information Service. In recent months, the CIS has published booklets dealing with various crucial theological questions and Catholic moral life - Christ, the Human Person, the Holy Ghost, on the Church's teaching on marriage, on the Sacraments and the Ten Commandments. It looks like a great project, and I am informed they are planning to add a wealth of interesting new titles in the few months: Suicide: Catholic Teaching and Pastoral Practice, What Catholics need to know about Islam, Catholicism and Stewardship of the Environment, Becoming a Real Man of God, Spirituality of the Cross and more.

Incidentally, if anyone runs across a booklet put out by the Knights of Columbus entitled Prayertime: A Collection of Catholic Prayers, you may be interested to know several of its illustrations are my own work, including a very handsome Crucifixion.

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