Tuesday, October 9


Oratorians and Lightbulbs

From the New Liturgical Movement combox:

How many Oratorians does it take to change a lightbulb?

Priest, deacon and cleric (dressed as subdeacon) with assistant priest in cope and acolytes and thurifer, with choir and other minsters, assemble at the foot of a step ladder, the priest sotto voce says:

Pr. Fratres, renoveremus.
Mins. Sancte Pater, cur renoveremus?

Having reverenced the step ladder all depart,with lighted candles, singing Lux Aeterna accompanied by musicians on original instruments.

This moved someone else to ask, farther down,

Since the latter is free standing, how many times does the priest go around the ladder during the incensation? 2, to signify the union of the father and the son or 3 to reverence the Holy Trinity? Also, does the number of rungs of the ladder be divided by 3? I once saw this rite where the ladder with SEVEN rungs!!!(No, really!!!)

I was truly upset. I wrote a haughty and witheringly dismissive letter to the hardware company!
This is so much better than automobile blessing by full immersion.

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