Saturday, October 20


The Dominican Ceremonial Pictured in Photographs

The New Liturgical Movement has been running a splendid series on the Dominican Rite, beautifully illustrated with photographs showing the sacred ministers attired in medieval-style vestments--voluminous, elegant Gothic chasubles and servers in albs and amices--which seem in their fullness and splendor a perfect representation of what Vatican II later called "other elements which have suffered injury through accidents of history," and which are to "be restored to the vigor which they had in the days of the Holy Fathers." This is not to say the Roman chasuble is not part of our inherited tradition, nor that it should not be preserved and fostered (though I don't think it is as baroque as some people assume--look at any picture of Philip Neri), but it does lack some of the grace of these vestments, even if perhaps they themselves could stand the addition of some judiciously-placed ornament.

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