Friday, October 19


Books I Will Never Have the Time to Write But Wish I Did

Some serious, some not-so-serious, and some in between:

The Art Deco Parking Garages of New York
A New General History of Relics
A Field Guide to the Nuns of North America*
Spellman's Folly: Paul Reilly and the Building of Our Saviour's, Park Avenue
American Baroque: The Emigrant Impulse and American Catholic Architecture, 1800-1950
Midwestern Gothic: Rediscovering the Old World in America**
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Altar Serving, With a Special Section on Burns and the Use and Misuse of Fire in the Liturgy***

*Though I think Emily has first dibs on this, to be fair.
**This isn't a joke. Go to Wisconsin's Holy Hill sometime and don't tell me it isn't the fifteenth-century Rhineland. Seriously.
*** Co-authored with Bishop Elliot, and vetted by Pyromaniacs Anonymous of Southern North Dakota.

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