Tuesday, September 18


This Weekend! Matt Alderman! In Columbus! One Time Only!

(And you might add, so what? In my defense, I'm told I can be quite amusing.)

Because I am a shameless self-promoter and have long ago come to accept the fact, I'd like to mention to youall I'll be doing a presentation, "Manifesting Heaven: Architectural Solutions for The Spirit of the Liturgy," this coming Saturday at this year's Society for Catholic Liturgy Conference. (I'm actually only the second-youngest presenter there). So be there, or be square.

The downside of all this is that posting will be sparse this week while I add the finishing touches to my presentation. In the mean time I suggest you celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph of Cupertino by reciting Aves while bouncing on a trampoline, or possibly taking up bungee-jumping. And, for those of you preferring passive deaths, let's not forget the San Gennaro festival and all its wonderfully disgusting artery-clogging fried food products is finishing up this week in Little Italy...

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