Thursday, September 27


Stroik Strikes Again

Duncan Stroik, who designed Our Lady of the Trinity at Thomas Aquinas College about which Matthew speaks below, also recently finished this new shrine to the Sacred Heart for Archbishop Burke's cathedral in St. Louis.

"The focus of the new shrine of the Sacred Heart is a mosaic produced by the esteemed Mosaic Studio located at the Vatican. The mosaic is based upon an original oil painting, presumably by a Spanish artist in the Nineteenth century, owned by the Archdiocese...

The design of the shrine is free standing with a pediment to give it verticality and prominence within the colonnaded apse...

In total, approximately thirty different marbles and onyxes, pieces that weigh up to six hundred pounds, were employed in the design to reflect the rich variety of marbles found in the Cathedral... The marble fabrication and carving and the bronze casting was supervised by Roberto Pagliari in Carrara and Pietrasanta Italy."

I don't know if the table structure is a consecrated altar or simply a devotional surface. In fact, if it were a consecrated altar, it would violate one, maybe two, very stupid provisions in the current Ceremonial of Bishops--first and definitely, that new altars cannot have images above them, and second and less definitely, that new minor altars should in general be avoided. The post-Conciliar Ceremonial is that liturgical revision for which I have the most contempt. Bleck.

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