Thursday, September 13


Blessed--Nearly--Basil Moreau, CSC!

From an article by Michael O. Garvey in ND Works, Notre Dame’s faculty and staff newspaper:
Dozens of members of the Notre Dame community will travel to LeMans, France in September and join with other members of the Order of Holy Cross and its affiliates for beatification ceremonies honoring Basil Anthony Moreau.

Moreau, the 19th-century French churchman, founded the Congregation of Holy Cross in LeMans. He is to be beatified in a ceremony at the Centre Antares, a sports arena, on Saturday, Sept 15.

A person who is “beatified” by the Catholic Church has significantly advanced toward “canonization,” or the status of being officially and solemnly proclaimed a saint.

Notre Dame was born as a project of the Holy Cross order in 1842 and continues to rely on Moreau’s followers for its administration, inspiration, and communion in the Catholic Church.

“This event is a significant opportunity for the Holy Cross order and the University community to recall and reflect upon Father Moreau’s invaluable wisdom, which continues to lead us today,” says President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., who will lead the University’s delegation to LeMans.


Some 60 undergraduate students who are participating in international studies programs in Europe will join the contingent of University faculty and staff, as will administrators, deans, and faculty members.

Among official activities of the two-day event, Bishop Jacques Maurice Faivre, of LeMans, will preside at a 4 p.m. Mass on Saturday, Sept. 15 in the Centre Antares, during which Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints will read a letter from Pope Benedict XVI declaring Father Moreau “blessed” and establishing January 20 as his liturgical feast day.

First the Tridentine Mass back on campus, and now the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross beatified, at long last. Football excepted, it's shaping up to be a great fall at Notre Dame.

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