Tuesday, September 18


Oh, The Things You Read on Wikipedia

Allegedly, the first telenovela, that wellspring of Spanish-language nuttiness now well-known to cablesurfers after quick and frantic pass-throughs of Univision, to be produced, ever, was of all things, 1973's Santa Barbara, Virgen y Martir, with Hialeah doubling (presumably) for Nicomedia. The mind reels.

And no, we're not syndicating it for HWTN. The twenty-five-part Spanish-language production of Goya Foods Presents Francisco Goya's The Horrors of War: The Musical! and The Supreme Protector-President for Life Andrés de Santa Cruz y Calaumana Memorial Variety Hour should suffice for now (you'd be amazed at how many disco combos there are in Bolivia), though Catalan speakers and Clint Eastwood fans will be glad to hear we're currently in principal filming for The Outlaw Josemaría Wales. "We got somethin' in this country..." cliiiick "...called the Aragonese Boatride..."

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