Wednesday, August 1


Sunny Side Up

Chiara tells us about a Spanish tradition, wherein brides-to-be present offerings of fresh eggs to Poor Clare monasteries, whose nunly residents pray to Clare, the patroness of good weather, for clear skies on the wedding day:

It's been an age-old Spanish tradition for brides to bring fresh eggs to Poor Clare monasteries prior to their weddings as a gift for the nuns. Even though the nuns aren't required to do so, they usually pray to St. Clare- the patroness of good weather- that the bride have a gorgeous wedding day! And even though she isn't required to do so, St. Clare usually intercedes and good weather is said to almost always follow! More importantly, the nuns also pray that the couple have a blessed and fruitful marriage. Of course, it is also said that in order for the prayer to be answered, the bride must offer the nuns the eggs (or even a simple prayer request) with sincerity...not with the expectation of getting something back in return.

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