Tuesday, August 7


Extraordinary Q&A

I'm a Bishop, Cardinal, or Abbot having the use of pontificals. How does my manner of vesting of vesting for non-Solemn Masses according to the 1962 Missal differ from that of priests?

You do not place the stole over your breast in the form of a cross, but allow the ends to hang straight down. Before putting on the stole, you take the small pectoral cross, kiss it, and place it over your collar, allowing it to hang over your breast by its cords. Also, do not put on the maniple before putting on the stole (except in Masses for the dead), but rather put it on at the altar, before saying the Indulgentiam during the Confession--though you do kiss the maniple while still in the sacristy.

Of course, if you are a Bishop, Cardinal, or Abbot having the use of pontificals, you vest for Solemn Mass as described separately in the Pontifical.

Click here for the full rubrics of the Extraordinary Roman Rite, and be fittingly appreciative of all our priests who are endeavoring to learn it!

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