Monday, August 6


The Church's Mortar Board

I recently learned that the Church, when it bestows the title "Doctor of the Church" upon a saint, gives the Saintly Candidate an actual doctoral hat.

Above is a picture of the hat bestowed upon St. Teresa of Avila when she was declared one of the first two female Doctors of the Church by Pope Paul VI, in 1970.

I think this is the most POD thing I've seen all summer.

I don't know if the academic garb is patterned after a specific institution, but it would be really cool if being named "Doctor of the Church" was something like being given an honorary degree by the Lateran, or something.

I also don't know if John Paul, of great memory, gave a similar hat to St. Therese when she was named a Doctor of the Church in 1997. Does anyone else?

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