Monday, August 6


Church Ends Tomorrow

You heard it here second: the Roman Catholic Church will be destroyed August 7, 2007, according to this kooky site with an awesome sound track:

The GREAT CITY OF BABYLON will split into three sections which means fissures will form to split it into three sections. Also, cities of many nations fell into heaps of rubble. So, the city of Rome in Italy is not the only one that will be ruined but other cities of neighboring countries.

What will occur on August 7, 2007 will be the worst earthquake in the history of mankind. It will be an ultimate earthquake. Most likely this earthquake will also produce an ultimate tsunami.

As we all know, the best prophecies come riddled with coma splices..

It will probably greatly disappoint the authors of this, um, "Bible prophecy,"* to learn that the Church exists whole and entire in each particular Church (diocese), meaning that for the Church to be destroyed, granting such a possibility, almost every major city in the world would have to be destroyed..

Most disturbing, though, was the site's use of the NASB: since when did crackpot Know-Nothings ditch the KJV?

Tip of St. Teresa's mortar board to Mark Shea

*One of the many benefits of being Catholic is the awareness that "Bible" is a noun and that it has its own separate adjectival form, "biblical," which properly modifies words like truth, Christian, prophecy, and Church.

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