Wednesday, July 11


If You Thought that Wendy's/Ersatz Will Ferrell Commercial Was Weird...

...wait 'til you hear about Midnight Ukelele Disco.*

I have no idea what the deal is with this program or from whence it came, but last night at about nine I was flipping channels after I discovered that some Philistine had replaced House, MD with a summer run of Big Brother. I watched about three minutes of it, was somewhat amused, then puzzled, and moved on, as I'm still waiting for the mandolin edition of American Bandstand.

In their defense, I will say the show was heavy on ukelele, and less on disco (actually I didn't see any disco at all, just two amateur guys in sailor suits playing inexplicably tiny guitars in a dark room), and that the program's surreal name helped me get through today as its cheerfully inexplicable juxtaposition of Don Ho and the 1970s kept giving me fits of the giggles as I worked away on my computer. Even Roller-Disco Fishing or the Popeil Bass-O-Matic can't compete.

*I apologize in advance to any members of the Ukelele-American community (there must be one) reading this blog. But come now, isn't the straight-faced combination of semi-contradictory words contained in "Midnight Ukelele Disco" just a wee bit funny?

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