Thursday, July 19


Ecclesia Domestica

Generally, the architecture posts around here detail projects on a rather larger scale, but I wanted to bring our readers' attention to a new blog, "Ecclesia Domestica," that will be chronicling a Minnesota family's quest to build a Catholic home, in both the spiritual and the architectural sense. It's a narrative blog, so, you know, start at the bottom and work your way up.

Looking at a "from scratch" project like this, of course, gets me thinking about what I would put into such a domestic church, given the chance. For starters, when I think of a Catholic home, I think of a place where a lot of reading happens, so many, many bookshelves, and a few window seats in which to curl up and read said books, would be a must. And I need not remind our readers what an important part of Catholic culture food is, so a kitchen with a big pantry, and enough space for a couple of chairs or benches for the impromptu gatherings that always seem to take place in kitchens, would also be key. Lots of room for extra bunk beds would also probably be a prudent move. ;-)

But I'd like to pose the question to our readers: what would be on your "must have" list for the ultimate Catholic home?

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