Monday, June 25


The Tridentine Mass, the Congregation, and the Pater Noster

Or, Things You Didn't Think Ecclesia Dei Permitted

St. Bede's Studio has a letter from the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, dated March 26, 1997 and signed by Angelo Card. Felici.

Of particular interest to past Shrine discussions, the letter contains permission for the congregation to sing the Pater Noster at Solemn or Pontifical Solemn Masses.* The other permissions granted to indult Masses are also interesting, such as the reading of Scripture in the vernacular rather than Latin (presumably from the altar) or the abolition of the need for the celebrant to say the Gloria and the Credo apart from the choir (a repetition which I have always liked, myself). In light of a potential main-streaming of the Tridentine Mass with the eschatological motu proprio (it could come any time, but only the [Holy] Father knows the day or the hour), these permissions may become more relevant. Certainly, they will be hotly debated..!

* In those earlier discussions, I was incorrectly under the impression that, with the rubrical reforms of John XXIII, the congregation could sing the Pater Noster, but in fact this applied only at the spoken Low Mass and not at Solemn Masses. Of course, now that point seems moot.

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