Friday, June 15


Dappled Things - Soon to Be in Print!

Bernardo, the head honcho at Dappled Things, writes:

The SS. Peter and Paul 2007 edition of Dappled Things is at the printers as I write. For all of you who filled out "Yes" on your survey when asked if you would be interested in a printed version of the magazine, there are only a couple of days left to subscribe! If you do not want to miss out on our historic first issue, stop by our website today! This will really be an excellent issue, and for only $19.99, it is not something you should pass up. Besides, all the cool people are doing it.
Our first print edition includes pieces by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, Peter Kreeft, Colleen Carroll Campbell, and Michael O'Brien on their favorite books, a select handful of splendid poems and stories, and a humble effort by yours truly as well on one of my favorite painters, the great Botticelli. Don't miss out!

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