Wednesday, June 6


A Big Deal, A Big Lie

Scientists have discovered that a simple genetic "switch" can cause stem cells to revert to an embryonic state.

That's a Big Deal, because it means that embryonic stem cells can be obtained without breeding human life for embryonic stem cells.

This is particularly timely, as today the House votes on a Big Lie, the
deceitfully mis-named "Human Cloning Prohibition Act", which would "legitimize the creation of human embryos by cloning, solely for use in research that will kill them."

That is falsely called a "cloning ban" because the cloned embryos would be forbidden from being carried to term, creating an underclass of human life which, rather than simply not being protected by the law, must be killed under the law.

This bill was introduced yesterday, to be voted on today, so that there would be no time for pro-life groups to protest the bill. Combined with the deceptive name, the whole bill is all the more slimy.

The great irony is that, the very day that the Congress tries to covertly authorize embryonic stem cell harvesting from human embryos, scientists announce that, not only have adult stem cells been the only promising source of stem cells, but embryonic stem cells can now be obtained without the abortion of human life--in otherwords, the covert bill was made superfluous.

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