Friday, May 18


Reader Nancy informs us of a recent very public POD-fest in Krakow, Poland (where else?)* in honor of St. Stanislaus's feast day (celebrated there on May 8), particularly appropriate as Cardinal Dziwisz (pronounced, as near as I can tell, something like "Gibbish") would be Stanislaus II if bishops still used post-nominal initials as they once did in more civilized times. Incidenally, Krakow is a Prince-Bishopric as late as 1912, though I do not know if the title has continued into the present century.

Anyway, the whole thing has the usual look of a good old Catholic celebration--part municipal celebration, solemn religious rite, and no-holds-barred mobile block party with incense. As James Joyce put it, Here Comes Everybody, and given that there were just as many soldiers, mayors, and quaint and colorful folk-costumed types (though felicitously lacking the usual Civil War Reenactment air of such productions) as there were priests, deacons and bishops, I can't think of a better expression of our universality.

For more shots, including pictures of Viennese Cardinal Schönborn (also another putative prince-archbishop, incidentally, and it's pronounced "Scheuuunborn," and he's apparently by blood also a Count), the Prince Grand Master of the Order of Malta, and Archbishop Nycz of Warsaw (pronounced "Chumley"), go here and here, and enjoy!

*Well, Malta, but don't tell the Poles.

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