Wednesday, May 30


Matthew G. Alderman in the latest edition of St. Austin Review (StAR)

Special New Liturgical Movement Edition with articles by Dr. Alcuin Reid, Fr. Uwe-Michael Lang, Fr. Thomas Kocik, Shawn Tribe, Michael E. Lawrence...and yours truly!

How I ever managed to end up sharing page space with the illustrious Dr. Reid et alia is a testament to the refreshing weirdness of the Divine sense of humor, as well as Providence, but that my second printed article (after this April's appearance in Touchstone) should be amid such distinguished company, and in a magazine edited by Chesterton biographer Joseph Pearce, has been both mildly comic and deeply humbling. And also a very pleasant surprise.

But it's an article I'm quite proud of, and it's entitled "Incarnating the Mass: Rediscovering the Liturgical Beauty of Christian Architecture" and in addition to some remarks on style and beauty, as well as architectural orientation, it also offers seven concrete architectural suggestions for mainstream parishes interested in inculcating a truly liturgical spirit into their sanctuaries. Most of them aren't that difficult, either!

I hope it will offer yet another step in the long journey of renewal we all participate in as the Catholic faithful reconnect with our roots. But don't take my word for it! Pick up a copy of StAR and check it out--and Dr. Reid and Fr. Lang and all the rest--for yourself!

If you are not a subscriber but are interested in ordering a single copy (or even a couple), email for more information. One is just $4.95, and my article even has pictures. What more could you want?

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